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ATTENTION! This is an application, you must fill it out among submission approval of your joining the community. If you choose not to do so, you will be removed within 1-2 days. This community has recently been turned into FEMALES ONLY. It doesn't matter what sexual orientation, but you must be a female. And if you have no posts on your journal, have only sex related communities on your info page, you will not be submitted into the community. We do not like lurkers and do not accept them. Thank you.

woah____orgasm : )
rules rules rules rulesRules:

1. Put all pictures behind an lj-cut
...dont know how? (go here)

2. Always apply with your first post.


Description of me:
Picture of me: (in lj-cut)
(if you have pics of your lover do the following)
Description of my boyfriend/girlfriend/lover:
This is why i like/love him/her:
What turns me on:
I deserve to be in this community because...:

3. If you want to show your lover & you together... you can show kissing, making out, fondling, licking, anything you want

Ill announce this community R-rated
...just in case : )

4. We will decide if you will get accepted...so dont bitch
Only the cutest/hottest go beyond this point!
Maintainer:obviouskristina and __prosthetic

5. When accepted please add this community along with any new members you see on the members list so that they can see your entries too...unless you want to make it public without the "friends only" lock