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Apply here! : )

::note:: if you get accepted [and youll see in "members" on the info page along with our stamp] then add the community to your friends list along with the other accepted members yet to come so they can see too because its a private members only community

Meaning when youre accepted no one can see our posts unless they are accepted themselves and are on your friends list unless you dont care in some of your posts that it goes public. But in the ones you want only us to see remember the "friends only" lock

Please read the community info page : ) to go over everything
-- Thank you
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do i post my application in the comments?
Yes you were supposed to...

*stares at veronica*

From now on everyone posts here that is new
Name: jamie - jezebel
Age: 18
Location: pennsylvania - just moved from chicago
Description of me: alot of people assume i am a goth, but i like more trip-hop styles of music like zero-7, massive attack, and the like. i dress how i feel...sometimes color, sometimes classic black, but mostly, since i sit at home, i dress in my favorite undies and maybe a spaghetti strap top.
Picture of me:

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i have no lover as most people here are straight...sadly.
What turns me on: women...of all shapes and sizes.
I deserve to be in this community because...: i used to run a community like this but it got shut down because of stupid narcs who were mad since i didnt let them in. also 'cause i need another place like that where i can be open and free and post what i want and only women can see. oh, and guys piss me off with all the stalking bullshit and asking me for nudes.
More more! Heh
may I join
Are you a guy or a girl?